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Sat, Sep 07


Lux Event Center

"Conquer Newport News" City Wide Scavenger Hunt

Experience a whirl wind tour of Newport News that hits the most intriguing places! Compete in the "Conquer Newport News" Citywide Scavenger Hunt and have the opportunity to win the team grand prize of $2000!

Registration is Closed
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"Conquer Newport News" City Wide Scavenger Hunt
"Conquer Newport News" City Wide Scavenger Hunt

Time & Location

Sep 07, 2019, 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Lux Event Center, 12680 McManus Blvd, Newport News, VA 23602, USA

About The Event

Participate in this historical event as Lux Events hosts the 1st ever city wide scavenger hunt in Newport News.

Participants (in groups of two or four) will be challenged to visit several sites within the city, including local businesses, schools, museums, city parks, and more located throughout Newport News. Best of all, you do not need to be a resident of the City of Newport News to participate!!

Complete the scavenger hunt, composed of twenty spots, take a photo at each site next to the official "Conquer Newport News" logo and earn a prize pack at each stop.

The first team to successfully solve the clues and complete the hunt will win the grand prize of $2000! [$1,000 each for a team of two] or [$500 each for a team of four]

Event Itinerary

11:00am-11:25am: Registration and Starting Line

11:30am-3:30pm: Scavenger Hunt

3:45pm- End of Scavenger Hunt

4:00pm: Awards Ceremony & Celebration



Sign Up

Teams of two or four can register for CONQUER NEWPORT NEWS below. On the day of the event, teams must check-in at the designated Starting Line between 11:00am and 11:25am. Pre-registered teams must sign-in with the event organizers and turn in or fill out their waiver and release forms. YOU MUST pre-registered in order to participate. There will be NO registrations the same day of the event.

Checking In

The organizers will review the Rules. The organizers will then hand out sealed envelopes to all teams which contain a list of clues to solve and complete throughout the game. Teams cannot open their envelopes until instructed to do so.


The Starting Line

At 11:25am the Lux Events organizers will announce the start of the game and teams can open their envelopes to look at their list of clues. It is up to individual teams to decide how they want to solve the clues and what route they want to take during the game.

Solving and Racing

Teams can solve the clues by using their own navigational aids, cell phones, or by asking strangers for assistance. If teams get completely stuck, they can call roadside assistance to get help from the LUX EVENTS organizers, but will receive time penalties. Teams must only travel by foot. public transportation, or private transportation including cars, taxis, bikes, etc. and are responsible for these costs.


At each clue destination, teams complete different challenges. Challenges may range from taking a team picture at a location, solving a specific answer to a question, and completing mental or physical tasks. At the beginning of CONQUER NEWPORT NEWS, teams will be told if they can skip a certain number of clues. Teams that miss or incorrectly solve clues will receive a 30-minute penalty. All teams are required to bring a cell phone with a camera with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook apps already downloaded and are required to use throughout the race.


The Finish Line

Once teams believe they have successfully completed all of the clues and challenges, they must travel to the designated Finish Line to have their answers checked by the LUX EVENTS organizers. Any penalties incurred by missing or incorrectly solving clues or by using roadside assistance are given to teams at the Finish Line and are added to their official check-in time.


The first team to cross the Finish Line and successfully complete all of the clues and challenges is crowned the winning team of CONQUER NEWPORT NEWS and will receive the grand cash prize of $2,000.


We estimate most teams will finish between 2 to 4 hours. Our challenge locations are closed 4 hours after the start of the event. Teams that are still on the course after 4 hours must return to the Finish Line where they can enjoy the Awards Ceremony and spend time with fellow participants.


Challenges vary in format and type. The clues will indicate what teams must do in order to complete each challenge. Some locations may have a CONQUER NEWPORT NEWS crew member or a representative hosting the challenge. Crew members determine whether teams have adequately completed a challenge and provide teams with the necessary proof of completion.

List of Clues

Teams are given all the clues for the race at the start of the game. The clues vary in format and description and require teams to be resourceful in solving them. Teams must solve all the clues however they like and determine their own route for completing them. Once all clues and challenges are completed, teams must return to the Finish Line with their list and proof of completion.

Cell Phone Camera

Each team is required to bring a cell phone with a camera. Cell Phone Cameras are used for challenges and teams are also required to take snapshots throughout the race.

Finish Line

The designated location of the race where all teams must return to with their completed list of clues. Teams are checked-in upon arrival, have their clues checked, incur possible penalties, and receive their official race check-in time.

Navigational Aids .

Teams are allowed to use any form of aid including cell phones, maps, laptops, compasses, GPS devices, or other navigational aids.


Teams receive pre-determined time penalties for incorrectly completing any of the clues or challenges, for using roadside assistance, and for breaking the official rules. All penalties are assessed at the Finish Line and are added on to official team check-in times.


Teams must only travel by foot, public transportation (buses) and private transportation. Teams must cover their own travel expenses.

Roadside Assistance

Teams may contact Lux Events crew during the game and ask for hints on specific clues, but in doing so they will be assessed a pre-determined time penalty at the Finish Line.

Starting Line

The designated location where all teams originally check-in by a specified time. Teams receive their team numbers and are explained the rules of the game. Once all teams are checked-in and the rules have been explained, teams receive their list of clues and the game begins.

Register to participate today, just $10 per person!

You don't want to miss out on the opportunity to get free prize packs and the grand cash prize of $2,000!


  • Duo (2) Team Ticket

    The bearer of this ticket is permitted to compete in the "Conquer Newport News" City Wide Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, January 26th, 2018 from 11am-3:30pm.

  • Quad (4) Team Ticket

    The bearer of this ticket is permitted to compete in the "Conquer Newport News" City Wide Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, January 26th, 2018 from 11am-3:30pm.




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