F.A.Q. For Teen Night


Q: Will my teen be safe?

A: We have a minimum of 6 licensed security guards plus our Lux Event Center operating staff. All bags, coats and jackets will be searched prior to entering the facility. Absolutely no smoking is permitted inside or outside at The Lux Event Center.

Q: Is my teen allowed to leave?

A: Once a teen enters the building they are not permitted to leave. We ask the teens if their ride has arrived and try to confirm all departures.

Q: Will teens who appear to have been drinking or under the influence of other substances be allowed in the facility?

A: Absolutely not, minors under the influence by law have to contact their parents to have them picked up and not allowed to enter the building.

Q: Will my teen have access to alcohol?

A: Absolutely not. LIFE has a liquor license for events but ALL liquor is locked up and put away for Teen Night

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