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The One Essential Task Every New Event Planner Must Complete.

Your on cloud nine! You've decided that your passion is event planning and you have finally taken the first step to making your dreams a reality!

No longer afraid of taking the risk, you have decided to be your own boss and open your own event planning company.

As a new event planner, their is one essential task that you should complete before you even write the business plan.

Every expert, article, or blog you read will tell you to start with a business plan. While that information is correct, they fail to mention that before you embark on this journey, you must complete this very task in order to determine whether you will succeed or not.

You must get hands on experience!

No degree, no certification, no class or seminar will teach you how to become an event planner and properly manage an event planning company without having the experience first.

I use to work with college students who would come into my office with high hopes of graduating and landing their career job. It hurt my heart because I knew that no matter how many academic accolades they achieved, no organization would hire them without actual experience.

Fine Tune your organizational skills.

My love for event planning began because I am a social butterfly and I love to be around people and entertain. I'm also somewhat of a control freak ( don't judge, lol) so details in every moment are important to me. I would have some of the best New Year's Eve Dinner Parties with my friends, serious Easter Egg Hunts, Themed Birthday Parties, you name it! But it wasn't until I started working at Christopher Newport University that I learned how to plan and host corporate events.

Experience is key!

You will make mistakes as an event planner and better to have made those mistakes in a learning situation that does not result in a loss of money.

So before you create the business plan and start purchasing a business license, a domain for your website, and so on, invest in gaining experience. Volunteer with your church to host events or join your child's PTA and host school events. Then evolve to helping plan events for family and friends. Also volunteer at an event venue or with a reputable event planning company and get all the knowledge you need to successfully start your business as an event planner.

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