You Must Make Gingerbread Cookies this Christmas.

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

The Christmas holiday brings about a variety of traditions from decorating the tree, to hanging stockings, to watching classic Christmas movies, its hard not to imagine Christmas without them.

One tradition, however, you can not forgo this year is making Gingerbread Cookies! Perhaps COVID-19 has made you unable to gather with the usual participants.

Well I'm here to declare, you must make Gingerbread Cookies this Christmas even if you do it via Zoom.

Why, you ask?

Making Gingerbread Cookies this year will not just be an afternoon or evening activity to escape everything going on in the world right now, it will be another opportunity to spend time with family and most importantly to help others.

Yes, that is correct, help others!

This year you must make gingerbread cookies and post them to social media using the hashtag #gingerbreadcookiegoodness to show your support and bring awareness to eviction prevention during COVID-19.

The symbolism of a Gingerbread Cookie man (or woman) is that they belong in their Gingerbread Houses. No one should be evicted due to the pandemic. The rate of infection is increasing and when families are being displaced, the rate of infection can further increase as they either have to move in with family or friends or go to shelters.

Now that you know why you must make Gingerbread Cookies this year, show off your creations, spread some Christmas cheer, but most of all show your support!

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