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Get Exposure For Your Company or Organization!

Are you serious about growing your business?
Here's the perfect opportunity! 

The simplest reason to give swag is because its an adult goodie bag that puts your treat (product or service) in the hands of the consumer to try! 

It's a variety of carefully selected contents that are packaged in a swag bag that provides your business the exclusive opportunity to connect directly with new customers.

Lux Events offers two options to become an event contributor: (Option1) Promotional Item for insertion in event swag bag or (Option 2) Gift Card/Gift Certificate to be used as a Raffle or Game Prize 

Lux Events hosts an array of events throughout the year! 

Our public events cater to a large demographic of consumers residing in the Hampton Roads area and beyond!

Benefits of Giving Swag:

* It's FREE! It doesn't cost you any fees to provide swag for an event bag.

* Choose which Lux Event you want your swag in. 

* Choose to give swag promotional items (ie: pens, apparel, etc.), a gift card/certificate or create your custom offer or item.

* Our event attendees come from all over the DC, MD, VA area to attend, putting your company in front of new clients and a great opportunity to gain a new customer!

* Your business logo & website link will be added to the event page in which your swag will be featured on Lux Events Website ( as an "Event Contributor"

We value creating a promotional experience that effectively promotes your business and coincides with our brand!

We reserve the right to refuse swag, as we value quality over quantity.

Our process is simple and best of all quick!

So what are you waiting for?


Fill out the form below, your next client is an event away!

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