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About   Lux   Events

Lux Events, LLC is an event planning and hosting company. We provide exceptional hosting services to cater to a variety of private parties, festivals, non-profits, and corporate event requests. Most notably known for our public events, Lux Events LLC strives to create, plan, and host unique, innovative events throughout the Hampton Roads region.


We create a theme and embark on a step by step plan to make each event an unforgettable memory for our clients and attendees! Our passion and drive, attention to every detail, and budget keen abilities are some of our key qualities in making an event a success. 

We also offer our event hosting and planning services to corporations and non-profit organizations. These event services include event ideas and concepts, support with budget development and planning, marketing, registration and event hosting, guest and group travel accommodations, event staffing and event advertising, branding and marketing assistance.

Additionally, Lux Events provides event rental decor and equipment options for weddings, parties, and special events available to the public.


We know the importance of attending, hosting, planning and organizing every detail of our events and pride ourselves in working with vendors who are leaders in the industry to create unforgettable memories!


We offer a unique and results driven experience that makes us the leading event planning company in Virginia!

Meet Our   Founder   


Lux Events was a dream finally turned reality when Shannon took a leap of faith and decided to follow her passion of creating amazing events. Her interest peaked ten years ago after she began hosting various private events and dinner parties for friends and family. 

"I really just loved to get people together. I love to eat too! So I found myself planning community events, trips, dinner parties, reunions, birthdays, baby showers, Easter egg hunt cook outs, I mean my ideas were endless and I just enjoyed planning every detail and hosting them."

Shannon began planning corporate events for Christopher Newport University's Academic Centers Office in the start of January 2016. Her love for events and marketing flourished as she assisted with guest lectures, conferences, workshops, panels, and an awards luncheon.

"Work was not work when an event was coming up! My desk was never clear. I really enjoyed the process of having to make sure every detail, minor or large, had to be planned for. I loved the challenge!"

Now with the day to day of managing Lux Events, she has grown to thrive on the excitement of planning her own events and parties.

"It has been an absolute pleasure! I get so excited thinking about how awesome I'm going to make an event! I'm a people pleaser and I love connecting and collaborating ideas with the client, vendors, and event contributors for a customized experience. I literally have met some amazing people and gained a lot of great friendships along the way!"

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